We Now Offer Repairs on

Cracks and Bends

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Now offering ceramic coatings on your entire vehicle/boat/RV


From the engine room to the topside of your boat, Gulfside Reconditioning, of Clearwater, FL will give you a thorough, professional detailing. Your boat will look better than ever, and be the best thing out on the open water.

Keep the smell of the sea in the sea, and keep your boat smelling fresh and clean. Don't just mask odors, completely eliminate it.

Don't worry about bringing in your boat! We'll come to you and detail your boat on location for your convenience.


Boat Detailing for You

  • Topside

  • Hull

  • Interior

  • Engine room

Your boat will be treated only with polish and buffing compounds designed specifically for fiberglass, keeping your boat looking great with no risk of scratches.

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Expert Boat Detailing

Easy Odor Removal

Full Boat Cleans

Highest Quality Buffing

boat detailing
  • Wash and shine

  • Fiberglass compound / Oxide removing

  • Fiberglass waxing / Teflon

  • Metal polishing

  • Teak finishing / restoration

  • Carpets and upholstery conditioning

  • Canopies and isinglass conditioning

Top Side:


  • Wash and Shine

  • Fiberglass compound / Oxide removing

  • Fiberglass waxing / Teflon

  • Diving barnacle removing

  • Diving zincs replacement


Engine Room:

  • Carpet cleaning (shampoo or vacuum)

  • Bedrooms, bathroom, and kitchen conditioning

  • Sheets and towels laundry

  • Oil and bilge water removing

  • Engine detailing

  • Diapers collocation